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Take that Lawnchair Nation!

Northern Wish

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Sometimes I do things I forget about for a few days. This was one of those instances.....

Fri July 10, Caught Okkervil River, got sufficiently drunk and went to see Steve Earle. Had the awesome fortune of basically walking right up to the stage and catching up with AD, Trish, Davey Boy and Crystal. Steve starts and is killing it. To the left of us there were 5 unattended lawn chairs next to me, with one sober wife guarding them.

Of course I flopped down in one of the chairs with a table, lit a smoke, put my drink on their table, and pulled up another chair to put my feet up on. It was 10 minutes of bliss (nothing in between me and Steve) until her drunk hubby showed up, obviously not impressed at the site of me drinking smoking and making small talk with his wife while my feet are resting right up on his chair.

I took off immediately, but it was fun while it lasted.

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Back to the topic at hand.....

Yeah it was awesome to sit in that chair, even if only for a short time.

And for the record I would have most likely cleared out no matter what the dude looked like to avoid any situation that hindered others enjoyment of the music- but this dude was huge, swaying drunk and had one of those amazingly puffy red faces.

I'd rather fuck than fight- but I guess we don't all have that choice eh Dima.......

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alright, lets get back tot he subject on hand.

you clearly tried to get all high and mighty and acted like you owned the place vindicating yourself on the idea that people that bring lawnchairs up close are scum. it was a pussy move because if it was two guys sitting there, or even one guy...you'd stand there and know your role.

no doubt the lawn chair mafia is scum. but your little act of protest is the most gutless move i've heard of in a long time and I have no doubts many would agree...even on here.

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