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I'm a Free Man


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Many of you know about my mental struggles several years ago and how that drew me into conflict with my family, police and the courts. Although the situation that arose was violent and required four police officers with guns drawn to take me down in my family home the chief arresting officer (responsible for his men's safety) ultimately was a big supporter of my cause. Through a highly unique legal manouvre by my angelic lawyer a meeting over a year ago was arranged between my family (the victims), the Crown Attorney at the time and the chief arresting officer at which point I was admitted into the Diversion program before the Mental Health Court at Old City Hall.

Essentially since the time of my arrest two and a half years ago in April- after nearly three months of incarceration in the Don Jail (where I was beaten by inmates, guards and captains to frankly within an inch of my life)- I have made countless court appearances and bail reports, doctors appointments and social worker meetings. This is the point of Diversion to keep very close tabs on the participant and guide them through a multi-pronged process of recovery in lieu of criminal trial and possible or likely further inceration.

As of last Thursday the Crown Attorney (the fifth since my process began) made good on the previous Crown and chief arresting officer's deal to withdraw my charges after a particularly lengthy diversion period (typically one year). This means that all of the charges against me were withdrawn and I was placed on a fairly straight forward Peace Bond for a year which means provided I keep my nose clean for 12 months longer there will be no further opportunity for the crown to re-lay the charges.

It's not quite off scott free but it is a wonderful turn of events that I earned through a lot of hard work on my part and through very strong advocates.

I would like to thank all of my friends and even frands in this community who were concerned about me or who more overtly reached out to support me in my time of need. I won't name these people personally but would like to note that Mary and Lara collaborated together from the outset and connected my parents with some valuable resources and have stayed in almost constant contact since keeping tabs on my progress and considerable growth.

'I've seen my light come shining

from the west down to the east

any day now

any way now

I Shall Be Released'

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