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sp3 has a number of security problems when its on a network. and yes i did try installing sp2 over sp3. sp3 is blocking communication between a pc and network scanner/copier. sp3 also has a number of problems when trying to use remote desktop.

PS: F U microsoft!!!

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Did you try 'Add or Remove Programs'? You may have to check the "show updates" option at the top.

[edit to add]

It seems that since it came installed there will be no uprade to show, and that sp3 probally won't show up in the add or remove list. From the few sites I read online it appears the easiest way to remove it is to reformat & install up to sp2. Easiest way to it would be use an xp disc with sp2 on it, boot up, use the "repair" option to intsall that version over your current, after it goes through replacing all the files use the windows key that came with your computer.

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Vista or Windows 7 I'd say. Been using vista since day 1 and now am using Windows 7.

I haven't had any problems yet with either (not sure what all the bad hype was about vista but it's always worked for me).

Programmer, very heavily stress the computer making it do all sorts of things it's not supposed to

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