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New Sid 'n' Susie CD!

Rob Not Bob

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The latest collaboration of Matthew Sweet and Susannah Hofs is going to hit the racks on July 21 ... further proof that God hates me, as I have close to no spare funds right now. Naturally, the theme for Vol. 2 is the '70s (Vol. 1 was almost all '60s covers). Just a tiny bit disappointed as I had heard that there would be a Mott The Hoople song on it and thought, "I hope it isn't 'All The Young Dudes'." (A grand song but kind of overplayed by now.) Well, guess which one they picked? Still , good track list ... looks like Todd Rundgren is to this set what Neil Young was to the last one :

1. Sugar Magnolia

2. Go All The Way

3. Second Hand News

4. Bell Bottom Blues

5. All The Young Dudes

6. You're So Vain

7. Here Comes My Girl

8. I've Seen All Good People: Your Move/All Good People

9. Hello It's Me

10. Willin'

11. Back Of A Car

12. Couldn't I Just Tell You

13. Gimme Some Truth

14. Maggie May

15. Everything I Own

16. Beware Of Darkness

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