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Hotbox afterdark happenings in July! Patio blazefest.

The Chameleon

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Summer is here and it's time to hit the patio fire up a blunt and [color:black]enjoint yourself. What better place to do it that in the heart of Kensington Market at the Hotbox Afterdark (193a Baldwin St.).

The Afterdark is a unique nightclub for stoners, where you can blaze 420 in peace. Featuring djs every Thursday to Sunday, open from 7-12am. The venue boasts a vaporizer lounge, bong rental, pipe and paper purchase as well. On top of that the Afterdark has a world class organic juice/smart bar with energy boosters.

There is no alcohol served at the Hotbox Afterdark and no illegal substances are sold. Trafficking, asking, and mouching are subject to immediate ejection and are forbidden.

$5/membership fee or $20/month

You must be 18 to enter.

[color:orange]Come boogie down and stay high!

Hot Box Afterdark tokers lounge

New space at:

193a Baldwin st. Upstairs.

$5 Membership for the night or $20 for the month

[color:orange]Our new rooftop POTIO is now open


Thursdays Phatty Funk

Badass rare funk

W/ live instruments

Dj Jive Express


Big Spliff

Ital Reggae vibes

w/ Banton

Sundays “Churchâ€

Live T.O Hip Hop


Hosted by:

Bozack Morris Hot

Saturday July 18



D&B, Dubstep, Jungle

Saturday July 25

House of David Gang

Live Reggae

[color:blue]Smart Bar Menu

Happy XTC Herbal blend for a nice happy buzz $6.50

Stoner Energy Herbal energy, really cuts through the tired of the stone $6.50

BANG If you really wanna get up and move $8.00

Virgin $4.25

Add any smart blend to these:

Banana-Rama banana, coffee & cream

Pink Kush Raspberry, mint, cranberry & lime

Maui Wowi Pineapple, banana, lime & cocnut cream

Lime Lightning Lemongrass, mint lime & lemon juice

Tropical Island Pineapple, mint, lime & brown sugar

Strawberry Cough strawberry, mango, mint & lime

Shishka Berry Strawberry, Kiwi, blueberry & honey

Berry Collins Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry syrup, lime juice & soda

Kiwi Rehna kiwi, lime, brown sugar & lime juice

CoCoBerry Strawberry, Banana & coconut cream

Bloody Caesar

Virgin Mary

Mint spring


Cookies & snacks @ the bar

There are NO ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES in any of our drinks


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