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Real Estate Lawyer?

Tungsten Gruvsten

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Cause my neighbors being a douche and I have enough shit on my plate already. Not looking for advice, looking for legal counsel and probably a cease and desist letter.

The short story:

My tiny ass shitty laneway(Toronto style between two houses) is a 'Right of Way' on my neighbors property. The city has a Committee of Adjustment Decision in my favour on file showing the right of way, as does the property deed. My neighbor unfortunately has a cock where his brain should be, and is going to force me to use money to take said cock and shove it up his ass wrapped in paperwork. The city/police do not enforce these types of zoning issues.

Contact me if interested or know someone - doesn't have to be in Guelph necessarily(at least I don't think so...)

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parking his car in my laneway basically while he has a disposal bin in his...it's technically his 'property' but the right of way adjustment decision makes it a driveway for my property use....it's in the Ward on Alice St, it's like this down the whole street...

I've given him the details of the right of way and am waiting for him to make his move - can't simply tow him, probably have to opt for a cease and desist then litigation. Weird thing is i've parked there for 4 years!!! sheesh.

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You dont need lawyers my friend. Take this approach:

No More Mr Nice Guy

Step one

Piss on the door handle of his car, preferablly while he sees you doing so. Make sure you have a bat beside you when he tries to step up to the plate.

Step two

Look crazy asfuck and swear alot but most importantly be sure you are about to dance with thisasshole because any sign of weakness may change the course of said action to a direction you dont want. Alpha-male him.

Edit to add: The day my neighbour realized I wanted to hit him across the head with my snow shovel is the day we first started getting alone. Keep in mind he is retired and walks with a limp but still........

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yeah, driveways in the ward can be really strange. i would suggest, if possible, parking behind his car and blocking him in. but only if the opportunity arises to do so on the right of way.

decades ago, a neighbour at the cottage took it upon himself to clearcut a right of way on my family's property. he said he needed to access inland - which was bullshit because he had land himself that accessed the back lots. he was just assholishly asserting what he believed was his rights re: the ever-ambiguous "right of way". they can be very tricky.

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