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Rest in Peace, Walter Cronkite


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Walter Cronkite was alive until today? I thought he had died many years ago.

He had a great voice and was attached to some very momentous and newsworthy occasions like shitloads of years ago. I'm shocked that he was still alive until this post. wow.

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Also, there supposedly was footage/story on a 60 Minute rememberance:

I'm watching 60 Minutes and all 60 of them are about Walter Cronkite. Mickey Hart just came on and tells the story of the time he met Walter in NYC. He invited WC to a GD concert, Walter accepts, they put him at the sound board. At the mid-way break he goes back stage, finds Mickey Hart and the others and says, "I arrived trying to think of a thousand reasons to leave early. Now I can't think of one." Apparently they became great friends after that - and he really did like the Dead.
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