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Albany, NY


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Favouurite Albany moment: walking through downtown the morning after a show a couple of years ago. My girlfriend wanted a coffee and knew that Washington Ave. (I don't remember the exact street, but that's irrelevant) had a bunch of coffee shops. We walk up to a couple of cops standing nearby:

"Excuse me, can you tell us how to get to Washington Ave.?"

"Sure, just head straight up this street three blocks and you'll see it. Turn left if you want to buy coffee, turn right if you want to buy drugs."

Sure enough, when we got to the intersection we took a look, and it got sketchy in a hurry to the right. We turned left.

As for venues, I'll second AD's call of The Egg. Beautiful venue inside, and cool as hell from the outside.

Revolutaion Hall in Troy, NY (just outside of Albany) often has quality shows going through.

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