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Im going home Donny

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fack! i was going to post the same thing. i noticed them yesterday on a lime that we left out over night...

every year! and it seems once they're here, they're here til winter, despite all my attempts.

i must say though, i've had good luck with the sticky paper. but it is disgusting.

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get a beer bottle...not the one you put your smoke out in.

A bit of beer in the bottom is alright

Put some fruit in it (a piece of apple works well)

Cover the top with plastic wrap

poke a few holes in it.

Fruit flies can get out of some holes in jar lids.

Beer bottles are fairly discreet. you can put these around your home if you need to.

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I think i was counting on fruit flies being really, really stupid. I have a huge pickle jar with holes the size of finger nails punctured in it. I'll see just how smart they are in the morning. I put it right beside the bananas and melon too.

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