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Play'n at Lose Yer Shoes!!!


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Wow, the band I am in is actually going to be playing at Lose Yer Shoes, it is going to be very bizarre, and nerve racking, being on that side of the stage for once at LYS.

We are the first band playing, The Merry Warners, on the Friday at 7pm (even though the schedule says saturday at noon). If you can come by for support, that would be amazing, I know it's a tough time slot with many not even getting there yet.

We are probably going to be a little different sounding that the usual LYS fare, an no doubt about it less experienced, but hope you enjoy...


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YAY!! my friend's band the subterreaneans are playing on saturday, they are really great and they are also playing at labour day come together and they are super pysched for that!!!


YAY to you too Kevin!! I hope I get to see you. I'm also looking for a ride up on saturday from Toronto if anyone can... :D

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