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The Adventures of Basher aka The Poopypants Follies


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Thanks, Schwa. ;)

So, one night last week, Poop was wandering around, chatting on the phone (important to note, it was his new iphone on which he was chatting).

As he carried on the coversation, I noticed him walking in circles, searching through pockets & underneath things, clearly becoming more and more agitated when he exclamined to the person on the other end of the call, "I don't know where my ipod is..."

Then, like the sun rising over the mountains, it dawned on him the location of his "ipod"...

"Wait! It's a PHONE TOO!"

Then he was reduced to fits of laughter and the phone call could no longer go on....

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A couple of weeks ago, while at work, I received a phone call from Poop--who was FRANTIC!

"I'm kind of freaking out here," he said.

"What's wrong??"

"I think my car was stolen..."

"WHAT?!! Why?"

"Because, I came out to go for lunch and it was GONE!"


"Well, maybe I didn't park where I think I parked..."

"Yeah, maybe. Maybe you should look around a bit before freaking out anymore...call me back and let me know."

About 10 minutes later, I received another call from Poop...

Poop: I found my car!

Me: Great--where was it?!

Poop: Parked in a different spot!

Me: (no response)

Poop: You know, I have an app on my phone called "Find My Car"....

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