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retro 8-track player and cartridges blowout sale!


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i seem to recall someone looking for a working 8-track player on here a (quite a) while ago. i have a CORTINA2 TD-8 by EICO and 108 kick-ass retro titles to play on it, up for grabs.i have tested the player and it works fine. please note this is a home stereo unit, NOT for your slick Trans-am.

i have NOT tested all cartridges so i can not speak to the workability of those. i did do a random sampling and all those tested worked. i'm moving and don't have room for all of this stuff so i'd be willing to part with these for $$$ (b.o.) or heady trades.

a sampling of titles include:

the beatles red and blue albums, yellow sub.rt

carole king rhymes & reasons

stevie wonder songs in the key of life

hair OST

jesus christ superstar OST

various years of the "original heavy gold" series

elton john rock of the westies

a couple of "truck stop specials"

gordon lightfoot did she mention my name

sonny rollins

queen killers live

lighthouse suite feeling


james taylor sweet baby james, mud slide slim

lou rawls merry christmas ho ho ho

commodores caught in the act

led zeppelin in through the out door

and many many more...

i can be reached at killatokes@hotmail.com

hopefully someone can give a good home to this awesome retro collection

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dang! i thought for sure those titles would get someone excited..... also in the box is:

john denver spirit (which includes the awesome:"polka dots and moonbeams"

liberace live with the London philharmonic

KC and the sunshine band (self titled)

soul train hall of fame vol. 1

come on folks! there must be someone looking for some retro groovieness! don't make me list all of them....

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I am so tempted by this but I'm already scrambling to find space for all the discs, tapes and vinyl I already own. I don't think I can justify adding 108 8-tracks to the pile, as much as I'd love to. :)

I sure would love to know why anyone would want 108 8-tracks and swear up and down against having an iPod.

The only 8-track I have is the star wars soundtrack. I picked it up at a K-mart in a bargain bin back in '82.

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