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Someone died at the Vibes this year...


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...or, at least, a body was found. :(

Male body found at Vibes

By Keila Torres


Updated: 07/27/2009 12:18:40 AM EDT

BRIDGEPORT -- A body was discovered early Sunday at the Gathering of the Vibes campsite in Seaside Park.

The corpse of a 29-year-old male camper was found at the west side of the park, near the baseball diamonds sometime during the night.

At a press conference just before noon, Police Chief Joseph Gaudett said police received a call about the man's body at 7:06 a.m.

Investigators found multiple state identification cards -- none from Connecticut -- on the body, all with the same name, he said. Police would not release the man's name pending notification of his family.

Gaudett said the death appeared to be "medically related," although the cause of death will await an autopsy by the state medical examiner.

A camper at the site, who asked to be identified only as Matt B., said when he woke up at 5:30 a.m. the campsite was abuzz with rumors. When he wandered out of his camping area, he said he saw the dead body. "Somebody found his body as the sun was coming up," he said.

Matt B. said the body, which had been covered in a tarp, was swollen and appeared purple and bruised.

One festivalgoer, who would not give his name, said he saw a green Saturn with Pennsylvania license plates dump the body and drive off, which Gaudett would neither confirm nor deny.

Mike Gula, a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, said he was walking through the campsite when someone told him about the dead body nearby. "His back was exposed.

He was face down. I didn't know what to do," he said.

Meanwhile, the events planned in conjunction with the festival's last day in Seaside Park moved forward as planned.

Ken Hays, the Vibes producer and festival organizer, called the event a "sad day" for the concert series, which is in its 14th year.

"We've never had a fatality on site. For 14 years it's been my greatest fear. I'm saddened," he said.

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What, are you being facetious?

If not, I'm talking about kids getting their asses beat for setting up tanks next to people that had tanks set up. People just hanging around until a tank was kicked and money made, then straight up robbing the kids working said tank. My crew is bigger than your crew so this is now our tank. Stupid ass, east coast, ganster-hippy, Nitrous Mafia bullshit....

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[color:purple]but i guess there aren't long lineups to get in any more. I'd rather have the long lines of ILCC than the crap I've been reading about. (and the last year it was at ILCC there was no lineup for the family camping, and I think boardie camping which had a different entrance.) that nitrous shit wouldn't go down with the bikers.

I also know of people who saw no nitrous tanks while hanging out in boardie and family camping.

either way, the whole scene sounds much less kid friendly than ILCC.

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Wow, I just got back from Gathering of the Vibes and this is the first I am hearing about someone dying. Wow! That is sad for sure. By the baseball diamond was a pretty hard core shakedown with lot's of sketch for sure! But as for the rest of the festival, it was great! If you didnt venture into that area, it was a completely different vibe! There were not long lineups to get in at all this year. We ended up camping far away though, there were actually shuttle buses that took us to and from the music. I feel like we saw a good balance. Some sketch in the shakedown area and the odd people walking around. But 95% of hte experiences were awesome, peaceful,fun, interesting and happy. I hear what you are saying about when it was on the bikers property, but you can't beat being literally right at the ocean! People could chill on the rocks at the ocean and hear the music on the solar stage behind them. nice! I love this festival and had a WONDERFUL time! still sad to hear about the person who died, I did see the medics around a lot and helping people who needed it though, unfortunately not everyone.

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Just one of the hundreds of threads (most not worth reading) with reports of what went down, countless thefts, the nitrous, the death, a sunday morning mob ganking gas dealers (or even suspected dealers), trashing vehicles..the list goes on


I've been a regular poster/reader on GOTV board for about 5-6 years now (as I'm sure others from here are as well). I do know a lot of the people that posted in this thread are not regular posters on the board. Who knows how much is legit or not. Either way, sure seems like it was a mess.

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The actual Nitrous Mafia fellas camped with us/beside us at Langerado in 2008 and they were actually pretty nice guys.....to party with. Wouldn't want to cross them though. We got to witness a meeting of two gangs, them and another, both selling nitrous and there were some VERY tense moments.

Did any of you guys see the guy with one whole side of his face scarred up? Old Danny Boy. Crazy life story living in the South Philly Ghetto. He opened right up to MaxLobster and myself one sketchy morning....yeesh, crazy shit.

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I was just about to type the same thing. Like the Mafia mafia there's so many types Cosa Nostra, Ndrangata, San Giorgese, Balkan, Russian, Triads, MS 13 and hundreds of others. Some work in collusion clearly most in competition.

There is no Nitrous Mafia just a series of cells some of whom cooperate with one another some who don't. Although I think the Philly Nitrous Mafia with their presence even at Eagles home games is said to have a stranglehold on the East Coast.

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The actual Nitrous Mafia

There is no actual Nitrous Mafia; it's just a term. That's like saying the actual Hippies. Neither party is that well organized...

thanks captain obvious. they're a bunch of early twenties hoods from the ghetto but thought everyone knew or assumed that already.

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Al Schnier Comments on GOTV Incident, Nitrous at Festivals

A 29-year-old male was found dead at Bridgeport, CT’s Gathering of the Vibes this past Sunday. The incident marks the first time someone has died onsite at the famed, family-friendly festival. Though the cause of the man’s death is officially unknown, the death sparked numerous debates on internet message boards about the effects nitrous has on the jamband festival scene. moe. guitarist Al Schnier has responded to the discussions by posting the following on both moe.’s official blog and the message board Phantasy Tour.

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I'm sure many of you are aware of the recent incident @ the vibes. a 29 yr. old male was found dead @ the festival. the cause of death is not 'officially' determined as of this time; however, many witnesses have claimed that the body was dumped off by a car w. PA plates & that the death was related to the nitrous trade. there are plenty of accounts posted online, but I'm cautious about reprinting anything here that may not be accurate. there does seem to be a lot of evidence suggesting foul play on the part of the nitrous mafia.

I know this must be extremely difficult for the friends & family for all involved, & I share my condolences & compassion for them.

secondly, I need to make it known that nitrous is not welcome @ moe.down. the nitrous mafia is not welcome @ moe.down. small, independent dealers are not welcome. drug trade is not welcome @ moe.down. if you are targeting our event, simply as a market to prey upon, stay home. you are not welcome. DO NOT COME TO MOE.DOWN TO SELL DRUGS.*

moe.down has always been envisioned as a family reunion for moe.rons far & wide. it is an annual event in which family & friends can come together & enjoy friendship & music, & celebrate casually & safely in a peaceful place.

as the festival has grown, we've strived to keep moe.down a safe, friendly atmosphere that is still a good family environment. we will continue our efforts to make moe.down a good place.


* I am not republican (not that this is nec. a bad thing). I am not a neo-con, christian right "war on drugs" spokesperson. by most people's standards, I'm probably fairly liberal. I am not actually registered w. any political party. I do not do drugs. You can make your own choice. I just do not want you to come to our event & sell them.

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