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Darien Lake (official thread?)


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This will be me and Christine's first Phish show. Hope to run into as many of you fine folk as possible.

That's wicked Ollie! I'll look for ya...although i almost forget what you look like. Haven't seen you since the first nero reunion. I dug up an old pic though :) SEE YA THERE!


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Does anybody want to buy my mail order ticket off me?

This was supposed to be my first phish 3.0 show, but a good friend is getting married the same night.

Anybody by chance have an extra SPAC ticket for sale/trade? Seems that's the only show I can make this summer

Feel free to enlighten me on the odds of selling my Darien and/or picking up a SPAC, as I'm not so into the loop anymore...

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I've got $20 each way for anybody who will taxi myself and 3 guests to and from the show to Sleepy Hollow (5 miles). Any takers?

I'll be there' date=' sober and driving, possibly with room for 3. Is there room to sleep in sleepy hollow?[/quote']

That'd be dope! Pretty sure they do still have spots available although they've up'd the price since I booked in April but still way more affordable than booking 2 nights at the Darien campground. You can check it out here: http://www.sleepyhollowlakeresort.com/about_us.html

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