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Gene Ween Solo Material?


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I knew it was solo that was the appeal. As a result I think they'll be a decent sampling of Ween material because alot of that stuff can be done so definitively by Gener solo - I'm thinking Birthday Boy, Baby Bitch, Tender Situation, Flutes of Chi that sort of thing. I think I'll check the Ween boards about more of his solo stuff but I'd hoped to never go back there - those kids are vicious.

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I can't believe more people aren't all over this show. It doesn't even look like it's going to sell out which is fine by me. Lot's of tics still available. Trying to get a sense of the setlists - likely not Gene Ween Band or too much Gene solo material. From management:

“Yes, this is a Gene Ween solo show, just Gene Ween. He will play about 2 hours of Ween songs.“
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