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Camping near Ottawa this weekend?

Northern Wish

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If you were going to go camping on Saturday (leave Sat morn, come back Sun afternoon) in the Ottawa area or within an hour or two....

Where would you go?

I have no reservations, limited 'roughing it' skills, and no credit card.

Was thinking of Lac La Peche, but you have to rent a canoe to get to the sites- and no cc as I stated above.

Help me out, kind skanks???

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I doubt you'll get into any Provincial Parks this weekend, even on the non-reservable sites. We tried to book at Bon Echo for this weekend 5 months in advance (the maximum) and it was booked. We ended up getting one at Murphy's point, but it was slim pickin's! It's annoying how difficult it is to get into the Provincial Parks anymore.

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log and lantern, about an hour and a half north of ottawa, right on the ottawa river. its in the rocher fendu section which is non damned and a massive whitewater kayaking canoeing and rafting route.

its cheap, usualy has openings, and won't require a credit card... last time I stayed there...

Log and Lantern Campground


I couldn;t find a website, just a number.

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