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The Slip 12.31.04- Download

Northern Wish

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I just spent two hours at work, ripping, compressing and uploading The Slip for some PT kids. I would be remiss if I also didn't post this absolutely incredible show here:

The Slip 12.31.04

12/31/2004: Narrows Center for the Arts:

Fall River, MA

Set I: Intro> Even Rats, "Franklin Horatio Marshalls III"* > Autobody Experience> Cumulus-, From the Gecko=, Mt. Zion, "Franklin Horatio Marshalls III"%, Honey Melon, Yellow Medicine

Set II: "Franklin Horatio Marshalls III", "Space"> Hey Worrier, You Might Say> "New Years" (Meowskers rant/count down)> Children of December#, "Entertainer jam", Johnny's Tune, Else^, Blue Moon

Set III: Paper Birds!> Even Rats, More about Me*, Proud, "banter", Joe Higley~, Suffocation Keep

Encore: "E:", What's So Funny about Peace Love and Understanding, If One of Us Should Fall+, "post show"

Notes: * Mr. Meowskers (aka Matthew Rudnicki), who says "The New Year is lost, and must be found!". - unfinished version. = Brad plays while laying down for more of the slow part. % "The Slip time continuum". # for Rosie (Jan. 1st birthday) - in the middle, BAM sang her happy birthday. ! new lyrics towards the end, probably improvised by Brad to welcome in 2005 "I'm so alive, in 2005!". ~ dedicated to Ian Kaley, who requested it. ^ w/Borderline (Madonna) tease, also w/Blue Moon jam. * w/Sara Azriel on vocals. + best performance of this song in its history, BAM almost was forced into a second E: but wanted to end on that note.

Mega thanks to DaveO for this entire trip- what a feeling waking up in Mass on New Years Day to 14 degree © weather and wearing our tshirts to Perkins......and for just sitting down with the jazz combo in the lobby of the Narrows and ripping on You Ain't Goin Nowhere.


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Yeah I was looking at that setlist earlier it's pretty much The epic Slip show. I love Hey Worrier and You Might Say probably most in their repertoire, plus a Joe Higley plus Melon plus Medecine plus plus. I'm trying to think of what else they could have played shy of Julia's Kitchen to make people cum harder. Seriously I'm trying to think of what another sick bustout would be you know what Planet of Inexperience would have been sick in their.

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would love to DL this show...can someone help? is there a way to get from mediafire other than track by track? i seem to be extra stupid with this site. it's prolly obvious but.. help?

Its not track by track, its one CD at a time. Click the title (The Slip NYE 2004Cd 1.zip), a popup appears, then click the "click here to download" link and save CD1 zip file to location of your choice. Close popup, repeat process for CDs 2-4.

I had all four zips downloading at the same time.

You could also download the entire show via bittorrent, but you'll need to hope for a seed to pop-up.


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