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So I just signed up for an Ironman triathlon


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Having been the kid who couldn't run a full lap around the track in gym class, and having finished university as a happy-but-slovenly beer and pizza aficionado, completing a triathlon of any length would have been a laughable notion a few years ago. After starting out with short races and working my way up to a half-ironman last summer, however, I've decided to take the plunge. I'll spend the next year training for it, and next July will aim to swim 3.8K, bike 180K and run 42.2K without, well, dying.

Here goes nothing.

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So, if you left today, you could "train" by biking to toronto, pick up my phish chicagos, and run from here to chicago.

work for you?

Seriously though, good luck, looks great.

Pffff, that would be a light training day. Throw in a swim from Kingston to Toronto and you've got a deal.

And lest anyone think this is turning me completely soft, I have mastered the art of going for long runs while nursing a screaming hangover.

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That is amazing!!! I admire your discipline. My measly 15k run (and I thought I was doing good) can't even begin to comprehend what it would be like to throw another 30 on top of that. Never mind the swimming and biking...

I've always found swimming to kick my ass in particular...challenging stuff.

All the best.

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Thanks, folks. Feeling pumped, but every bit of encouragement helps at this point.

Bravo! Good luck, Hart!



Cheers, buddy. I was actually meaning to ask you if you could follow me around with your rig. I'm banking on this being an epic setlist:

Swim start*->

Wetsuit Removal

Long ass bike ride->

Piss Break->

Long ass bike ride

Here Comes the Run

Puke on My Shirt->

Spaghetti Legs->

Finish Line%

*w/ "Stop Kicking Me in the Face, Asshole" (Henry Rollins) tease

%First time played

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best part of this thread:

missing it a year ago. So nice to not have to wait a year to see what happens!!

Good luck! and big ups for spending a year training for this and making it happen. that in itself is a huge success.

edit to add: huge success doesn't really describe it. what it takes to get to a point where you will actually attempt this, is really beyond my comprehension. I'm soooo impressed. Good luck on Sunday!

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