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Hip Hop Album Recommendations


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I may just be listening to less than %50 hip hop these days which for me is a huge variety, hell just listening to less than %50 Jay Z and Prince is an improvement, but bear with me.

Just looking for recommendations for full albums of hip hop I guess newer or newish that people know of that are noteworthy.

I'm just discovering [color:orange]When Life Gives You Lemons Paint That Shit Gold by Atmosphere (MC Slug and DJ/Producer Ant)).

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mmm i've been cranking a bunch lately from the classic 36 Chambers and Gang Starr to Lil' brother and snippets of timbaland produced stuff...have another hiphop EP project coming up and looking for ideas....

BUT - in the car I crank El-p's 'I'll Sleep When You're Dead'

I think you'd dig that one...first track is called Tasmanian Pain Coaster! How can you go wrong. And with a send-up of scientology and a sci-fi track about falling in love on a prison spaceship, it keeps yer interest....

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Guest Low Roller

I like the new Mos Def album 'The Ecstatic' and I agree with the MF Doom recommendation as well.

I find myself listening to A Tribe Called Quest a lot, as well as Q-Tip's solo albums.

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Thanks on those tips keep 'em coming. I didn't know about that Monster MF Doom album so I'll definitely check that out.

Yes Kev, Donuts is a perennial listen. I've often asked around about where the Zappa sample comes from (I feel like it's one of the Shut Up And Play Your Guitars with other audience addresses about 'tipping your waitress'- but my producer buddy Roger Leavens (Woodhands, Rural Alberta Advantage, DD/MM/YYYY) picked it out immediately when he grabbed Donuts on Vinyl, I don't think it was what I thought). That's such a masterfully mixed, mastered, sequenced album it's likely alot of people's penultimate instrumental album... I wonder what Tungsten thinks about it actually from a production standpoint (which I know virtually nothing about), Roger commented on the compression or maybe the exploitation of compression to a unique effect.

As far as El-P I've only listened to that album in a cursory fashion although I'm really familiar with El-Producto's work as a producer and what I would call the definitive DefJux sound. I've never thought of him as a very good MC though which is a pretty common attitude I'm sure. El-P's production is best described as "the sound of a rusty tin can floating through space" (I'm quoting a guy called Luke Bowden there).

I totally want to listen to that new Mos Def too and don't know why I haven't except that I'm digging on him as an actor/pundit lately and slept on his lyrical output.

Here's a few more suggestions to throw out:

[color:brown]The Book of Human Language by Aceyalone. Is this the definitive independent hip hop concept album possibly...

.... if Aesop Rock hadn't released [color:purple]Labor Days in 2001. It's concept albums I'm sort of most interested here, coherent ones at least. I haven't listened to Labor Days in awhile but if you have a remote interest in hip hop and need insight into Work in all of it's shades and repercussions this album is it.

Labor Days is American hip hop artist Aesop Rock's third album, his second major release, and his first on the Definitive Jux record label. It was released on September 18, 2001 to considerable critical acclaim. It is a concept album, painting a portrait of the day-to-day lives of the working class. It features production work from longtime Aesop Rock collaborator Blockhead, including his trademark style of lush orchestral samples.

Labor Days is considered to be Aesop Rock's definitive work, hailing near unanimous praise from all critics, and becoming a cornerstone of the underground rap movement from the late 90's through the present.

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Labor Days is a brilliant album! Flash flood is up there with some my all time faves.

Here's my recommendations.

Mr. Lif - Emergency Rations

Z-Trip and Lateef - Ahead of the Curve

Roots Manuva - Run Come Save Me (Dub Come Save Me is equally as good, but obviously more a dub reggae)

People Under The Stairs - Question in the form of an answer

The Kleptones - Detroit to J.A. (more of a mash up, but the opening two tracks are worth it)

Danger Mouse and Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life

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Okay fluffhead's my new best friend I am all over those fucking recommendations.

Interesting side point Mr. Lif actually adopted his moniker after attending a Phish show at Great Woods (I believe it was the last Gamehenge in '94 at which I also attended). Apparently at one point Cactus was playing a bass line that was so 'Lifted' or captured such 'Liftedness' that he decided to call himself Mr. Lif. True that.

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not sure if he or this album is 'hip hop' to most people but the Bike For Three! album is very good (a buck 65 side project). finally there is someone else doing music and leaving the vocals to rich. he wasn't that good a producer ever and the girl that did the music for this project is excellent.

agreed on the new mos def

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Some new stuff I've heard lately that I've liked are...

Murs - for President

Myka 9 - 1969

xrabit + dmg$ - Hello World

New Busdriver is has some cool tracks.

Why? Apolecia (not totally hip hop)

I'm a REALLY big fan of a local guy named Lee Reed formerly or Warsaw Pack. Kids fucking talented and smart.


also has anyone checked out El Michels affair?

Dap-Kings associated band performing WU-Tang covers!. Enter the 37th Chamber. It's pretty dope!

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whenever someone who really likes music, like bouche, drops the "hip hop sucks" card.. I like to counter with something like Latyrx or some other underground group that gets completely overshadowed by the bling sporting no talents that have dominated the commercial airwaves since the late 90s.

so I present Lady Don't Tek No by Latyrx.. enjoy!


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Guest Low Roller

Bouche just likes to watch Prince gyrate.

Great recommendations on here.

Roots Manuva and Dizee Rascal are both great. That new Mos Def album has a track with Slick Rick and Madlib which is pretty incredible.

Danger Mouse and MF Doom put out an album that I can't stop listening to under the name DangerDoom. Here's a track with Ghostface:

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