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Rural Alberta Advantage @ Maverick's tonight


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i guess so - sorry, i didn't see another thread about it, and i don't think the majority of ottawa folk on this board have even heard of the band let alone would go out on a thursday to see them. but they should. great album, despite the super over-used annoying drum lines. dude has got to be spastic or something.

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Really enjoyed this show. Some of the reviews of the shows leading up to this were like "amazing tight band" "best show of 2009" etc. I didn't think it was up there, but its was still solid.

My eyes were fixed on Paul Banwatt the whole time, man he is fast but always keeping it on lock. Nils was great too, but Paul stole the show.

I shot video and perhaps post a few clips when my comp is fixed and I get it transferred...later this week/next week.

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