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Phish at the Gorge


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Set One

* Down With Disease

* Ocelot

* Pebbles And Marbles

* Possum

* Sleep

* Destiny Unbound

* Stash

* Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley >

* Cavern

Set Two

* The Moma Dance >

* Light >

* Taste

* Fluffhead

* Joy

* Bathtub Gin >

* Harry Hood


* Slave To The Traffic Light

Every time I take a peek at latest the setlist from this tour, I'm amazed by what I see!

Is that the first Destiny Unbound since the comeback?

Damnit I wish I was still going to Darien.

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Is that the first Destiny Unbound since the comeback?

No sir. They played it at Fenway on 5/31:

Set 1:

Star Spangled Banner

Sample in a Jar

Moma Dance>





Poor Heart

Limb by Limb

Velvet Sea

Down with Disease

Destiny Unbound

Character Zero

Set 2:



Bathtub Gin

David Bowie

Time Turns Elastic


The Ballad of Curtis Loew

You Enjoy Myself



Good Times Bad Times

Tweezer Reprise

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Set I:

08:10 PM PST

The Mango Song, Chalkdust Torture, Middle Of The Road*, Tweezer, Driver, Twenty Years Later, Ya Mar, Its Ice, Wolfman's Brother, Character Zero > Run Like An Antelope

Setbreak @ 09:39 PM PST

Set II:

10:15 PM PST

Rock And Roll > Makisupa Policeman**, Alaska, The Wedge, You Enjoy Myself, Backwards Down The Number Line > Piper, Grind

11:43 PM PST


Good Times Bad Times, Tweezer Reprise

Shows Over 11:55 PM PST

*First Time Played Kottke/Gordon song from Clone

**Trey and Mike switch instruments for outro jam

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