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Interesting Otown Show- 8.8.09: Nobunny and White Wires

Northern Wish

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Never heard of these bands, but it sounds like something to support (a new[?]) live music venue in Otown?:

Nobunny and the White Wires

Written by Migneault on Friday, August 7, 2009.

In what some people are dubbing the “show of the year†San Francisco’s garage rock superstar (well he should be anyway) Nobunny will play with Ottawa’s The White Wires and a new Los Angeles band called The Handsome Sexies at the Polish Party Palace Saturday August 8. Chances are you haven’t heard of this venue. That’s because they haven’t had shows there in years but Ian Manhire, the guy putting this show together (and guitarist for the White Wires) thought that was due to change. It’s located on the corner of Bank and Waverly.

This show is bound to provide some of the best garage rock you’re likely to hear all year. Nobunny is an animal on stage (in more ways than one). Any chance to see him live is almost a guaranteed good time. The White Wires are no slouches themselves. There are some in this city who would even say they are Ottawa’s Beatles (see the video above). I’m sure the Handsome Sexies are great too. Their name alone makes them worthy of this bill.

Even if you don’t like good old fashioned rock and roll this show will also have cheap beer on offer along with some homemade goodies. That’s right, there will be frito pies, chili dogs, hot dogs, homemade chili, chips (with salsa of course) and even cupcakes on offer!

So there you have it, if you don’t want to miss the show of the year be at the Polish Party Palace for 9 Saturday night. Tickets are $10 at the door and $8 in advance. You can buy tickets at Birdman Sound.

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i've seen the white wires once at rock and roll pizza party (if i remember correctly) and it was decent punk rock. i don't think i'd go out of my way to see them again, but they're the support act for this gig so maybe the headliner is worth it. (and i wouldn't have to go out of my way if i were in town saturday - the polish hall is 4 doors down the street from my place, ha)

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