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Darien Ride?


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If you can make it to Kingston I should have space for you Brad.

Thanks, skelter, but that's going to be trickier than I can work it right now.

I have one offer of a ride from Ottawa to Darien, but not back. If I could get a ride back from Darien to Toronto, I might be able make things work. I'll also be on the road today and tomorrow, so probably won't have much 'net access, but if you can help, send me a PM.



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Brad, it's too bad our schedule is so odd or we'd be able to give you a ride but we're doing a visit my parents/phish/visit jake.

Good luck. If you desperately need a ride for SPAC, let us know, there's a chance we can drive you but we're staying overnight at the Marriott so you'd have to find accommodations.

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