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Recommend Some New Bands Thread...


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I've been lurking a lot lately, rarely posting, but I thought it'd be fun to do a 'new band recommendation' post. I'm discovering a boatload of bands in my new job, so here's five I think are really brilliant.

1. Roy Rieck and The Medley Band

(Tel Aviv, Israel)

- amazing alt country from Israel of all places. Now based in London.

2. Kill It Kid

(Bath, UK)

- I used to work with these guys. I really think anyone who likes old blues, Anthony Hegarty or Wilco will love them.

3. Dan Mangan


- I think he is, arguably, one of the best new songwriters in Canada. His new album is terrific.

4. Broken Records

(Edinburgh, Scotland)

- They are signed to 4AD/Beggars here and I absolutely adore them. Sort of celtic-jam. I don't think they have been to America yet.

5. Manana

(Basel, Switzerland)

- Really loving this. Post-rock-ish, I guess, with a contemporary bent. Played CMW last year, apparently.

OK... let me know and post bands!!!!



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Is this about new bands? BRMC has been around for about a decade or so.

that's funny...exactly what I thought when I read his post

Golden Boots opened for Dr Dog in April @ Lee's...talked with one of the guys outside and he was very humble and down to earth. He was really pumped to be opening for Dr.Dog every night I remember. I like their sound.

The Cave Singers (are they considered a new band?)

who also opened for Dr.Dog that night are really good and are coming back to Toronto next month (2 shows in Montreal)

14 Sep 2009


Horseshoe Tavern

Toronto, Ontario

First Aid Kit = pretty voices but bore me rather quickly

The Mystic Valley Band (ya, I know it's Conor and he's been around for a long time, but this new band just released their 2nd album and they rock)

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new to me. Any suggestions?

Jus' sayin'. :)

I recommended Wellsy's band above... saw them at the nest a few weeks back and thought they were pretty AOK.

Other than that, i found this guy on myspace and i've been liking him... but absolutely no idea how long he's been in existence.

Tiresias and the Blind Prophets http://www.myspace.com/tiresiasmusic

And, not entirely new, but still a suggestion:

The Felice Brothers


Probably not needing recommendation, but i'm super pumped about their formation:

Monsters of Folk


Saw these guys in Hamilton a couple of weeks ago and thought they were pretty great:

The Cavaliers!


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