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wedding music - country edition


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Hi folks... could use your helps again. Country music is not exactly my specialty.

Wedding coming up in two weeks. They want all mellow country throughout dinner. "Played at a low volume, as requested by my mother." Any thoughts? I'm dealing with a 'new' country crowd here, not alt, outlaw, golden, or whatever that country from the 80's was called.

Also, just some other wedding-friendly country song suggestions would be appreciated. I have a whack load of country music but just ain't hip to what the kids are digging these days, well, besides that gem Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy!

I'm heading out to a barn party after the wedding to play some late night funk and electro so it should be an interesting night! :D


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allison krauss kinda borders on the new country a little bit i think KK...

there's this one garth brooks song that brought tears to my eyes one time... good times. i'll try to remember the name of it for you.

if the mom's requesting it, i'd think it'd be somewhat safe to slide some old country in there... but i'll get pk to come up with some ideas for you. she's all over that stuff.

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Any Garth Brooks songs will kick ass.

Taylor Swift - Our Song (this will tear shit up)

some Brooks and Dunn (really any song will do as they're all the fucking same)

Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy.. not sure who sings that piece of shit but it always seems to get people going.

The ladies love the Gretchen Wilson tune Redneck Woman.

Ya never know.. toss in a lil' outlaw country in there. Some Willie... some Waylon.. some Hank.

if all else fails go straight back to Garth and his Friends In Low Places!

Good luck buddy.

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Don't forget one that samples a mix of Sweet Home Alabama/Werewolves of London.

A girl at my office who "loves new country" said she loves it, so it might be a hit.

She shouted "NOOOOOOOO" when I tried to turn it down the other day....I laughed on the inside.

UGH!!!!!!! }:( Horrible! (in my opinion anyway)

That's by Kid Rock.

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