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Nissan Hypercube Fiasco Uncovered

Jay Funk Dawg

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Hey Y'all

I've been keeping quiet about the Hypercube contest, but new evidence is surfacing almost every week, that I need to share, and hopefully make sense of.

These links below are very telling about how the social media experiment that Nissan was undertaken was seriously flawed. I'm very shocked to read all this - you should be too!


- On this wiki style site - They comically go through the winners and they connect the dots that many of the winners were friends of the judges. The site alone has cause major controversy and has been getting tweeted and retweeted - causing major marketing journals and journalists to take notice.

And this entry describes Nissan's attempt to contain and deny any wrong doing in a chronological order each day after the contest closed.


It mentions that at least 2 people have brought the flaws to the Canadian Contest Governing Body.

I had an experience at the final party that also gave me the impression that the marketing company had set up the winners.


Controversy Cubed


in this article they say...

“ In mid-July, a long post went up on the wiki-style muckraking website EncyclopediaDramatica.com accusing Nissan and Capital C of a variety of ethical lapses in the running of the Hypercube contest. Given that the arguments made in the Encyclopedia Dramatica post features more circumstantial evidence and crude language than hard facts—and isn’t even backed up by an author’s byline—the post didn’t exactly meet the generally accepted definition of a reliable source. Nissan and Capital C might have reasonably expected it to create only a small ripple.
But one particular accusation proved to have more than just a little grain of truth—the fact that a handful of Cube winners appeared to have links to the judging panel. Judge Leanne Pelosi in particular has connections to at least three winners, one of whom, Jeff Keenan, was alleged by Encyclopedia Dramatica to be her boyfriend.

also check this:


go to twitter and look up #thehypercube

this is crazy!

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If a contest run by a major automaker designed almost solely to create hype around one of their new projects and resulting in people spamming their friends' in-boxes with free advertising wasn't done completely objectively and on a level playing field, then I don't know who we can trust anymore.

Jay, I know you would have done great things with that car, and I know that you didn't get a fair shot despite putting a ton of effort into this, but I don't think it's shocking that this marketing campaign contest wasn't done on the up and up.

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