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Phish 8/13/09 Darien Lake, NY


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Basher got screwed entirely...had a bunch of tix...went in, realized his iphone had no service (and he was supposed to be tweeting for yemblog tonight), went back out to car to get BB to see if that would work...long story short: Got walked out (despite having several unscanned tix in possession) and told if he tried to get back in again would be arrested for trespassing. He had even purchased last-minute VIP tix so he could have that experience...now he's only getting the lot experience...

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Darien Lake Center

August 13, 2009

Set One:

Sample In A Jar

Dinner And A Movie

Wolfman's Brother

My Friend My Friend



Sugar Shack

Brian And Robert

David Bowie

Bathtub Gin

How High The Moon

Golgi Apparatus

Set Two:

Drowned >

Prince Caspian ->


The Horse >

Silent In The Morning


Run Like An Antelope >

Suzy Greenburg >




First Tube

last "How High The Moon" 3/8/93

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Quick explanation.

After going to my car twice with a fistful of tickets to get back in, the security bitch thought I was "up to something". So she says I am not getting back in.

Yeah, right. I walk around to the main entrance, use a lawn ticket, and walk in. I am back in my box in minutes. Then I realize I don't have my iPhone.

I walk back to the VIP lounge and ask for a manager. I wait a while and Rob Perkins, Director of Sales for Live Nation comes to chat.

I tell him the story. Tickets, even pav seats, are completely worthless. You can go out and find as many as you could ever need for free. He understands and states that the "no re-entry" policy refers to a ticket, not a person.

So he tells me to show him where these people are. I tell him we would have to "walk out" together. He said that was fine. Keep in mind, right now we are chatting in the VIP loungs INSIDE the concert. To ensure my safe escorted return I demand a business card. He finds it and off we go.

"Hold on", he says. "You better set that drink down here, and we'll get it on the way back in".

So out we go, I point out the imbeciles, and he approaches.

Rob: If he has another ticket that has not been scanned he can come back in!

Bitch: Not anymore. No re-enttry. Come here.

A huddle ensues.

Rod: Nope, they changed the policy Brian, you're out.

Um, WHAT?!

I did not set foot back in the venue, as the local sheriff promised to arrest me should I try to gain re-entry.

Oh, and by the way, NO FUCKING REFUNDS.

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That is so unprofessional and spiteful of that one particularly angry person. If it is any consolation, which it most certainly is not, try to recognize that this individual (security person) is clearly an angry, frustrated and, for the moment, pitiful litle person working the not so greatest job on earth, trying to eek out some control in whatever way they can. If you can rise above that pettyness, you are the better person.

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spoke to a few friends; judging by their comments and the setlist, last night sounds like it was a fun night to remember!

sorry to hear about Basher's incident. Reminds me of the time when i was in high school and scored a backstage pass for the Beastie Boys concert (Ill Communication). I thought I was so bad ass walking in and out like i owned the place, giving security the royal cocky attitude with my pass. Near the end I almost got the boot but I managed to weasel my way out of it. Those were the days...

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I'll juxtapose Basher's ordeal with my Darien scoreage. Hit up the box office when I got to the show and picked up a 16th row dead center seat. I guess they released whatever tix friends and family didn't take and there were a few available. Lost out on the tix I had to sell at $20ea but it was well worth it.

Not the most off the hook show of all time but still quite good all the same. Def some flubs and so forth but they played through them well. Dinner & A Movie and My Friend were great to see and Rift and The Horse>Silent were a treat as well. I would say that it was pretty up and down, some of it was great and some of it was meh(Caspian). All in all fairly solid song selection and well executed overall. They could have pushed it a bit harder but it was still a lot of fun and clearly they were having a lot of fun playing as well. Page could have been a bit hotter in the mix, they seem to be pushing Trey above everyone else which is a bit annoying.

Nice to have the boys back...

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Because these policies aren't set up with spun wooks in mind..these are policies that apply to all events...they are only going to scan your ticket once and then it's been used (unlike Raptors games where they will scan you out and then scan you back in again if you want to go for a smoke). So, having another ticket should mean you're fine.

I do this all the time at Jays games and they say, "You know you can't come back in, right?" and I say, "I have more tickets..." "Oh, OK!"

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