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Peterborough Moho Shows


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Been a while since I last posted but here are some fall highlights @ The Moho!


5 Plants and Animals

10 An Horse (Australian 2 Piece!)

11 Birthday Boys/ Rikers

12 Bruce Peninsula

16 Marcy Playground

18 BA Johnston

19 Two Hours Traffic

24 Sunparlour Players

28 Pat Robitaille

30 Japandroids


1 Amy Millan w/ Bahamas

2 Basia Bulat

3 Hey Ocean

16 The Acorn/Ohbijou

21 The Hidden Cameras

22 Cuff The Duke w/ The Stables

31 Burning Hell


5 B.A Johnston w/ Shotgun Jimmie

11 The Most Serene Republic


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alright more just added!


27th The Town Pants

29th The Spades


12th Bruce Peninsula

23rd Trooper

25th Elliott Brood w/ The Wooden Sky

plus Today Saturday August 22nd The Wooden Sky will be playing my backyard check out myspace.com/thewoodensky for full details!

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