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Gene Ween is the scum of the earth.

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i am a fan of ween.

no new material, no special renditions, no kind of thought, no back up band, no proper sound.

no effort.

the ween fans were eating it up.

this is why I'm confused. you're a fan, you hated it, and then you just seem to pass the trash on to the "ween fans" saying that they ate it up.

so....there is something wrong with these ween fans versus you as a ween fan?

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here's a little morsel for you to chew on, facefuck:

Now: When Phish covered Roses Are Free, your band got roped into the jam band scene. Is that still the case?

GW: That's dying down a bit. I made sure of that. Probably not the best career move, but I can't hang with that. I like Trey [Anastasio] as a person, but as far as the music goes, all that jam band shit makes me want to puke. I'm just not that kind of dude, and I don't think Mickey is either.


edit - for the original whiner

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So I'm assuming ONE of you board gimps made it down.

Seriously with 30 minutes of effort you really didn't see remotely the show everyone else saw. Gener was using effects to modest effect but pulling off electric sounding solos and distortion washes then popping back into his acoustic chord progression. Things also got really promising when he got on the piano and played around with a few sounds that gave a stripped down but more 'weenish' sound.

Also as for effort the guy was exhausting himself, singing every song pitch perfect, very much interacting with the audience. I wasn't expecting a set break but he came back recharged and killed it some more. Lots of unique renditions and bustouts particularly Strap On That Jammy Pac and Demon Sweat. Don't see either of those songs on any of the solo setlists.

But for the fact that Dima's retardation and life-as-a-pot-store employee are taken for granted I would go further.

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