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Gene Ween at Horseshoe!!!


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So I'm guessing none of the board gimps from TO made it down to this EPIC show last night. I was dead sober and had a rapturous experience. I thought about keeping a setlist at one point but always find that a disruption and ends up being intolerable at Ween shows. In somewhat order what I recall offhand and highlights include (all on acoustic guitar with effects later switching to electric piano and back):

I: Tried and True, Flutes of Chi, Voodoo Lady, Squealch The Weasel, Push Th' Little Daisies, Now I'm Freaking Out, Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, Chocolate Town, Don't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy, Happy Colored Marbles, Stay Forever...

II: Strap on that Jammy Pac (!!!), Demon Sweat (after repeated audience requests- sick!!), She Fucks Me, What Deaner Was Talking About, HIV

encores: Fluffy, Blarney Stone

There was a fucking tonne more. Gener was looking plump and greying with a balding brushcut which threw a few people but he was beaming with energy and baking in the heat. The audience seemed particularly devoted even for a Ween show with multiple ovations scattered throughout the show. Gener was having so much fun he would literally crack up at points and have to restart. The real treat was hearing how he composed a number of Ween tunes clearly on piano and what an adept player he was. I can't recall the first tune he played on piano but it was a classic and done in a maudlin phantom of the opera-ish way that was hilarious in and of itself.

Sicker than dirt. So damn brown.

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tried and true

flutes of chi

stay forever

voodoo lady

don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy

don't laugh i love you

marble tulip juicy tree

the stallion pt 3

if you could save yourself

don't sweat it


now i'm freaking out

push th' little daisies

chocolate town

i don't want it

happy colored marbles

even if you don't


- intermission -

don't shit where you eat

your party

baby bitch

birthday boy

beacon light

demon sweat

what deaner was talking about


the hiv song

- encore -

she fucks me

the blarney stone

There was definitely a Strap On That Jammy Pac and apparently I was outside talking to the one hot and single (and seemingly really normal) single chick during Baby Bitch/Birthday Boy but given that this chick lives around the corner from me and is eminently doable I would call that a lateral move at best.

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I am seriously seriously regretting that I was outside for Baby Bitch/Birthday Boy which are my favourite Ween love songs and cousins (both are presumably about Laura an early girlfriend and the namesake behind Laura of course - one weenhead had a 'Laura Is A Bitch' shirt which was quite cool). Baby Bitch contains the lyric 'wrote Birthday Boy for you babe'. Anyways I was dating a dominatrix's daughter and she went psycho on me around my birthday so it was a very consoling song (long story on the dom's daughter).

Anyways this chick was a like a total spinner, mulatto, nose ring, from Sacramento (but had a british accent) had just been to Burlington to see Gener and was really cool- and lived around the corner from me. If you were caught up with a chick like this, one of say 3 single chicks at the entire show, you might have gotten caught up too, non?

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Phil Collins spotted at Gene Ween!!


Gener was looking old and fat for sure, definately sober also. He was happy to be there though, smiling, laughing, fucking stuff up. My guess is he's getting warmed up for Ween tour, he probably hasn't done many of these tunes sober for years if at all.

The beginning of the show did start off slow but as he got warmed up so to did the crowd. I had a hard time really getting into it but that was because Phish tore me a new one the night before and i was a bit worn and solo acts just don't get me going like a full band does.

I was hoping to get Flutes of the Chi, Daisies and Your Party before I even got there which I did and they were awesome.

People were calling out requests and Gener was listenening, when they were calling out for Demon Sweat I was so tempted to yell out to play a Phish song but thought better of it due to the crowd I was surrounded by, i still laughed to myself though.

Blarney Stone closer was perfect, great sing-a-long tune.

Overall, I had a good time but was in no way blown away. I'm pretty sure I saw Dima with his baby blue popped collar Lacoste shirt rush out of the bar half an hour in because the bar was out of Zima.

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