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Football/ Hockey Fantasty Pools- Sporting News?

Northern Wish

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If anyone would like me to set up an NFL or NHL pool on Sporting News, let me know and I'll post the join up info here.

Hockey is split into two seasons (pre and post all star game)

Football is one long season

These pools giev you $35 mill to pick you team and a few trades to start with, then you get 2 trades per week in hockey, one in football to change your team as you see fit. Salary values shift based on performance....


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Uuuuh yeah, I don't think I'm even remotely saying it's too much work.

The fairly simple point I'm makng is it's generally advantageous to be on top of your team, which I'll be on top of for about 6 weeks before my interest crumbles and my team sags. I'm more of a weekly proline gambler.

Really I was just wishing you good luck with the pool.

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