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Suggestions for Folk Fest


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I know there are hostels downtown, but are there any campgrounds/tentable parks near Ottawa's West End?

Saving that, and Presuming the weather will be nice, how un/likely would it be to be able to fall asleep in the park?

Not that I want to play the part of a Hobo this weekend, but I won't have a car and I never sleep in the forest behind the house (trains keep me awake) so if I were 'stuck' I just want to make sure I'll be alright...don't wanna get rolled for my camera by someone looking to score some OC's in the morning.

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You can't sleep on site over night, there are security guards 24/7..... you might be able to pitch a tent in Brittania somewhere its a big place, tonnes of trees and a beach.

Email meggo, she is going and will be driving with Jodie each day. Also Bradm will be in attendance each night and lives fairly close. Or you could commandeer my couch- but I'll be on site from 9am to 11:30pm each day although I am right on the bus line.

Also there is a bike parade each night from the site to downtown.

Finally there are shuttles from the park to downtown, and also to the Brookstreet Hotel where most of the performers and staff will be staying.

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Mud Lake is adjacent to Brittania Park. There's quite a few walking trails in there...

from www.canadascapital.gc.ca

Mud Lake / Britannia Conservation Area

A patch of wilderness in the middle of an urban setting, Mud Lake is an amazing area of forest and wetlands. Located in Ottawa’s west end, Mud Lake is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, with raccoons, frogs, turtles and foxes, to name but a few. This ecologically significant urban natural landscape is also prime birding territory, with thousands of birdwatchers coming each year to observe hundreds of different species. A walk through this easy-to-access urban jungle provides an exciting escape from city life.


At the end of Cassels Street, along the Ottawa River


Recreational pathway.

You can find all the info you want on that website re: Mud Lake and Walking Trails.

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