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Electronic Music+Art Day Event BFLO AUGUST 29!


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What is Silent Exchange?

Silent Exchange will be an all day open air electronic music + art event taking place on August 29, 2009 from NOON-10pm with five DJ’s that have tickled dance floors all over the world, with local performance artist and other artist work up and around in a one day installation. You will not be disappointed!.

Why Silent Exchange?

After living in NYC and Berlin for the past four and a half years, I returned to Buffalo, NY, only to find a commercial side of the electronic music scene. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

My plan - the Silent Exchange concept – is meant to focus on what is missing: the simplistic, low key, underground, and more accessible side of the music and art scene. Buffalo does do a great job in introducing people to the mainstream sound but Silent Exchange will open the door to a new experience – to an encounter with unconventional and unexplored surroundings where people can have direct access, and a unique connection with the music and art around them.

What Silent Exchange wants is for art to show its true face – inspiring, dirty, raw all simultaneously. Artists can freely manifest their sound in an artistic and unpretentious environment, where their techniques and interpretation aren’t bound to any commerical expectations. International, as well as up and coming talents, will bring their edge and unfiltered sound to Silent Exchange, and artists will have the opportunity to display their work in one day exhibitions - with the perpetual message in mind: "actions speak louder than words.“

It doesn’t matter where we are all from, which backgrounds, interests, worlds we belong to – this is a connection between the people and music + art. Words are not needed for the exchange that takes place on a dancefloor. The smiles, the winks, the hugs, the kisses between strangers – all these create the vibe.

Where is Silent Exchange?

Silent Exchange Electronic Music + Art event will team up with Rock Harbor Commons Village “The Yard†for the debut. This space is in the backyard of the warehouse buildings. What they are beginning to build atRock Harbor is a new ecologically friendly and safe student environment that will incorporate a blending of art, history, nature, and social activies. The village will soon house 300 students in the first phase along with plans for a café , student entrepreneurial offices, food court, fitness center, game/recreational room, big screen TVs, 24-hour security, Wi-Fi, monitored private parking, and eco-friendly shuttle buses. August 2010 marks the beginning of a remarkable future for Rock Harbor and the Black Rock community.

Line Up:

Mazi-Gourmet Recordings/ NRK (Chicago)


http://www.discogs.com/artist/Mazi+Namvar?an v=Mazi

Soul Clap- Airdrop/ Wolf + Lamb (Boston)



Nico Jaar -Wolf + Lamb/ Circus Company (NYC)



Mike Parker- Geophone Records (Buffalo)



Bill Bacon- Sunset Sundays (Buffalo)


Local Performance Artist/ Artist for Installations TBA soon!

Rain or Shine, this will be unforgettable!

Blog: For updates, news, previews info..


Facebook Fan Page:


Facebook Event Page:


Buffalo Rising Article of Silent Exchange


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