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Why is it that ...


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I have met a bunch of people from phish message boards where most people who post are Americans.

and I have been on here for a few years, seen tons of shows in Toronto and Ottawa and Buffalo, even been to a CTMF and I have never met any of you.

aren't we Canadians supposed to be the friendly ones?

or is this board only for people who know each other already?

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[color:purple]hell, im sure we have all boinked a few other skanks before, after or even during shows, and not realized it ...

i know what you are saying, misterh. personally, i just find it awkward to go up to people and say "hey, im phistaper on jambands, what's your nick?"

for some reason, ottawa skanksters seem to have a good real-life network going.

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there are times when i'll introduce 2 friends by their first names and they pleasantly exchange hand shakes and "hey how are yas" and then i wait for about a 3 count and say each others Skank names and then it's OOOOHHHH!!! HEY DUUUUDE!!! HOW ARE YA!!! Hugging ensues and all is good in Skank land.

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If that was you being a prick when I met you, GM then I really wonder what your nice side is like.

As for the AlphaNerd, he's just too handsome to play hard to get for very long.

Truth be told, the 'are you on the board' comes up within the first 3 minutes (give or take) of meeting people more often than not in Toronto/Hamilton...or so has been the case this year and years past.

It's pretty rare that I'll meet someone at a show in Ontario and don't get asked that question or talk about the internet...so I try to not bring it up. I never have to for it to be mentioned while out.

Maybe it's because I close out so many threads on the politics board that I figure people probably have got enough of me by now that I need to sit back when I can.

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