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Steve Martin coming to Toronto


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Banjo, not comedy.

I can see it now ... CBC's Q ...

Jian Ghomeshi: Right, but being as you seem to be so passionate about music, I was wondering about your ...

Steve Martin: (interrupts) Would you say that to Bela Fleck?

JG: Would I say that he's passionate about music?

SM: Yah.

JG: Yah

SM: Really? Would you explain why it's not a hobby?

JG: (repeating... kind of confusedly) Would I explain why it's not a hobby? ... Are you reacting to the fact that I said...

SM: Yah I am. Since you are instructed not to talk about shit like that. Yah I am reacting to that. Yah.

JG: Instructed? I'm not really instructed... you guys are here as a band, and you're preforming but I...

SM: Well your producer was instructed. Somewhere along the way.

JG: Because I mentioned you were a comedian?

SM: Well first of all that wasn't supposed to be mentioned either.

JG: But that's just giving context, right? I mean I'm happy to interview you guys as a band, but for the listeners, we're giving context for who you are. That's part of your trajectory, isn't it?

SM: Not really.

JG: It's not.

SM: No.

JG: You would prefer I only do this interview not mentioning at all - just to clarify - at all that you've ever done any acting, screenwriting, comedy ...

SM: That's right.


I think he should do it. He'd be brilliant! HUGE Steve Martin fan here.

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