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Pitchfork Top 500 of 2000's....

Northern Wish

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Anyone following this? I can't imagine how much work it took to narrow it down to 500 just to start the rankings. Top 50 and up to #1 posted tomorrow and Friday...



59. Radiohead

"Pyramid Song"

[Capitol; 2001]

Anything but effete following the immortal one-two of OK Computer and Kid A, Radiohead returned with a record of Kid A session cuts that included this, an absolutely singular track in a catalog with no shortage of standouts. "Pyramid Song" is at once a travelers' song for those skirting the outer reaches of consciousness (note the aquatic imagery), a nostalgic ode to a dystopian future ("astral cars"), and the slurred, drunken waltz of the damned (that piano). One can't help but marvel at how the boys' talents come together on this one, too; budding composer Jonny Greenwood's orchestral arrangement is impeccable, Nigel Godrich's sonic touches as producer have seldom been so essential, and Phil Selway's drumming practically conjures a mist of eerie intrigue around the whole thing. Perhaps most of all, "Pyramid Song" testifies that no matter how far-flung Thom Yorke's state of feeling, Radiohead are ever capable of bringing us to feel it too. --Matthew Solarski

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I can't believe they actually attempted to rank songs 500-101. What's the difference between 431 and 432?? haha

Two of my three "sure picks" for the top 10 showed up in the 50-21 batch today (Boy From School, Since U Been Gone). Hey Ya is the best I can come up with for a prediction for #1.

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