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On 8/21 I see the #1 musician still livin that I have yet to see


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On Friday August 21, 2009 I see the number one musician still living that I have yet to see live.

That artist is the Richie Furay of Buffalo Springfield and Poco fame. Sure he's the third most important artist in Buffalo Springfield, behind obviously Neil Young and Stephen Stills, yet I have seen Neil and Stephen and I have never seen Richie.

Now that Richie is 65 this year and has been for decades a minister in Colorado it is a rare thing for him to be performing live east of the Mississippi River, especially with Poco, whom I'm seeing him with tomorrow.

Poco will be opening for Loggins & Messina and as a massive fan of Buffalo Springfield and Poco I am also looking forward to seeing Jim Messina how replaced Bruce Palmer in Springfield for their final LP, 'Last Time Around.' And Jim helped Richie form Poco after Springfield disbanded.

I hope that Jim comes out early with Richie and Rusty Young, Paul Cotton and the rest of Poco.

I'm skipping Pearl Jam in Toronto for this concert and I have caught a lot of grief for my decision. Yet I have seen PJ 12 times and I'm sure those boys twenty plus years younger than Pastor Richie will be around again, I'm not so sure I will have another opportunity to see Furay so close, even if it seven hours away.

I've Got a Feeling.


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