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Go Habs Go - Fan Forum 09/10

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The first period certainly was. Massive defensive lapses lead to the 3-0 scoreline. No fault on Price for any of those.

Thanks to two consecutive penalties by the 'Nucks, the Habs outplayed and outshot them by a wide margin for the first 11 minutes of that period making the score 3-1. Bobby Lou held them in it during that onslaught. At this point I quickly fell asleep and realized I had to go to bed so I cant speak for the rest of the game.

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Fantastic Roller. I will have to email you for some of that translation but it's certainly easy enough to get. Haha. You got money for next weekend? There is still a ticket available........

Anyways, lot of work has been done avec Les Brahs but there is a ton more to do.

There were definitely some healthy positives to take away from tonight's game but I certainly didnt care for the first goal by Comrie. That's a save an NHL goalie has to make, especially with their glove hand. "That's you're bread and butter asshole!"

There was nothing Carey could do on the tip goal and I thought he could have played/positioned better on the O'Sullivan marker but I will have to see that one again to be sure. All that being said, Price has his head in the game which is such a great sign and is covering the net well and also playing the puck decently.

The team also rebounded nicely after being down 3-nothing. I liked seeing that. Moral victories abound.

Bigtits rode the fucking pine after his BRUTAL cross-ice pass in his own end. Either he was hurt or Jacques didnt play him in the third because of that dumbstupid gaff. I am betting he isnt hurt.

I love when a coach holds a player accountable. Jacques is growing on me. Big time. Can he coach the Raiders too and help smarten JaM up? It's wild to see a coach who knows how to coach. I am not used to that with this team.

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Guest Low Roller

Seriously! Jacques Martin is the first coach since Jacques Demers to actually have NHL coaching experience before coaching the Habs.

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Guest Low Roller

I possibly called him one of the Baldwin Brothers, but I always liked him as a coach. Better than 'ol Lispy or the parade of subsequent coaches.

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I have no real complaints. You can see things coming together which is fantastic. Obviously these last 2 games are the type you dont want to let points slip away but things are looking up even though their record wouldnt indicate that.

Then again, the last time I said the same thing about one of my favorite teams they completely fell apart and seemingly hit rock bottom again.

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Guest Low Roller
The Habs: Maybe a little bit better than the Leafs... but too close to say.

At some point soon I may start getting worried. For now though I have a strange calm serene feel to the way the season is starting. Maybe it's because the Habs losing streak is being offset by the public hanging of Komisarek in Toronto.

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Ask Hal Gill how he feels about that.

Anyways, there is a light at the end of the tunnel:

The 2009-2010 Habs Drinking Game!

How you play is simple. Have a glass with a mixed drink or a beer ready [with spares on the way when you run out] as well as a shot glass with hard liquor for the "Take a shot" category"

Prior to the game you need to choose whether you're Optimistic or Pessimistic. This will matter later, in the "Take a Shot" section

Feel free to come up with your own! I'll add them if you comment.


- Neutral zone turnover

- Commentators mention the size of Gionta, Cammelleri, Gomez or Gill, or the speed (or lack thereof) of those players.

- Bad pun involving Carey Price's last name

- Commentators make some form of sentiment towards Markov's absence

- Fans boo a player on the habs

- OLEEE! (with Montreal leading)

- Failed Montreal powerplay attempt

- Spacek shoots wide

- Laraque fight

- Bob Cole makes an obvious error

- Mispronounced names by commentators. Bonus sip if it's an obviously english-rooted name (or Gomez).

-Offensive zone faceoff win for either team.

- Former habs legend involved in puck-drop

- Gorges Laraque on the ice with five minutes left in the game with Montreal trailing by one. Sip for every separate shift he takes.

Two sips

- Carey Price beaten glove-side. Take a bonus sip if it's off of a complete failure of defensive coverage

- Ceremonial faceoff taken by someone on Montreal who's last name doesn't begin with a G and isn't Michael Cammalleri.

- Commentators mention the size of Ryan Obyrne

- Kovalev or Koivu mentioned

- OLEEE! (with Montreal trailing)

- Any fight not featuring Laraque

- A potential goal for either side is sent upstairs to be reviewed (This is added to any additional drinking the goal or non-goal induces, see below)

Pour and down a shot

- Montreal scores on the powerplay

-If you chose Optimism at the beginning of the game, an even strength or shorthanded Montreal goal. If pessimistic, any goal scored by the opponent. Apply the Carey Price gloveside two or three sips if necessary.

- Any predominantly third or fourth line player scores (Metropolit, Moen, D'ags, Chipchura, Moen,Laraque [see also 'chug beverage'], Paciorretti, Stewart, Latendresse, Lapierre)

- Hal Gill scores

- Montreal Loss

Chug your beverage

- Latendresse directly in front of the net

- Gorges Laraque getting a point

- Montreal Win

- Montreal Loss if you're not drinking a Molson beverage.

- A goal for either side is disallowed


These are to be used when we face our divisional rivals



- Komisarek penalty

- Commentators mention "1967", Grabovski or Komisarek's leaving the habs,

- You can read something on Ron Wilson's cheat sheet

- Orr or Rosehill fight

Two Sips

- Any mention of the Courtnall / Kordic trade

- Jim Hughston acts condescending towards a fight



- Any time you wish you could see Komisarek get punched by Lucic one more time

Two Sips:

- Marc Savard chooses to shoot instead of pass



- Any Montreal fan reaction to Kovalev


- Sip for every Leafs jersey you see in the stands.

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Guest Low Roller

That drinking game looks like it could lead to some serious alcohol poisoning.

MA Bergeron has been recalled. Shawn Belle goes the other way.

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