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Blue Coupe - Sunday August 23rd, Elmdale House Tavern, Ottawa

Freak By Night

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Blue Coupe rolled into town to play at the Elmdale House Tavern in Ottawa's old west end.

The streets surrounding the tavern have been torn up all summer, the area looks like a bit of a war zone. How long does it take to pave a road?

Blue Coupe comprises Joe Bouchard (former bassist for Blue Oyster Cult), his brother Albert (drummer), and Dennis Dunaway (bass player for Alice Cooper's original band). Dennis co-wrote a majority of Alice Cooper's early hits. Joe doesn't play the bass much anymore, he's the lead guitarist for Blue Coupe. Guesting on this mini-tour in Ontario is Gord Lewis, who played guitar with legendary Canadian punk band Teenage head.

It's difficult to get people out in this sleepy government city, especially on a Sunday

night. In addition, the last night of the folk music festival, taking place on a beach,

occurred the same night. I was worried the boys would be turned off by the low turnout,

but Joe, Albert, Dennis, and Gord did not disappoint. A very loud and energetic performance

consisting of Alice Cooper, BÖC, and Teenage Head classics. Joe handled almost all of the

lead vocal duties and I was very impressed with his lead guitar showmanship! Not to be outdone,

Albert, playing for his first time ever in Ottawa, was amazing on the drums and Dennis played

incredible bass. The band was very tight and well-rehearsed.

Didn't write down the setlist, but highlights for me were "Cities on Flame", "Eighteen",

"Dark Boat" (a story that takes place in Gananoque), "Tattoo Vampire", "Be My Lover", "Under My Wheels", " Black Ju Ju", "School's Out", "The Red and The Black", "Godzilla" and the Teenage Head classic "Let's Shake".

A five-star rating from me!

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