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" Marijuana protects your brain from damage caused by excessive drinking"

Tungsten Gruvsten

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The medical community is fucked when it comes to pot. I had one of those "get paid to do weird medical testing" things a few weeks back.

It was an MRI during which I drove a car through a city picking up and dropping off stuff (to measure brain activity). I was asked by the med research person to abstain from pot for 72 hours before the test as it would cloud the pictures of the brain and my response time. No problem.

Test was supposed to be on a Wednesday, of course they had an opening on Monday and called me early. It had been a fun weekend.....

I didn't tell them about the many fatties that had been passed the day before and of course performed "well above average" on my test. When I came out of the MRI expecting some dissapointed faces, they were all aglow at my results and how they had gotten a perfect picture of the activity for the first time during the study.

Idiots. I felt like telling them right then that their best results came from a head full of old THC but I declined and shared it with you all instead.


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