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7 Worlds Collide


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had my first listen earlier this afternoon, some really interesting stuff going on here. in case people aren't familiar with this project, here's a blurb

The first 7 Worlds Collide album, a collection of amazing musical talents from across the globe in aid of Medicin Sans Frontiers, was a unique live performance, fusing the varied talents of a stellar cast across a range of cover versions to create a series of shows that culminated in the live album of the same name. Seven years after that project, instigator Neil Finn has upped the ante with the new 7 Worlds Collide project. The Sun Came Out — a double album of original songs created and recorded by many of the original cast alongside notable new additions in an intense three weeks in his native New Zealand. This time the beneficiaries of this album will be Oxfam. Familiar faces from the original album abound, Johnny Marr, Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway of Radiohead but this album, first and foremost presents the listener with new songs rather than interpretations of old favourites. The Sun Came Out also features a whole host of new guest talents such as KT Tunstall and Wilco and heart stopping firsts, including Phil Selway’s songwriting and vocal debut as well as dream collaborations such as those between Johnny Marr and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy; and KT Tunstall and Neil Finn.


Disc One:

1. "Too Blue" (Johnny Marr/Jeff Tweedy), vocals Neil Finn and Johnny Marr, featuring Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway (Radiohead) & Glenn Kotche

2. "You Never Know" (Jeff Tweedy), vocals Jeff Tweedy

3. "Little By Little" (Sharon Finn/Neil Finn), vocals Sharon Finn and Neil Finn

4. "Learn To Crawl" (Ed O'Brien/Jonny Marr/Neil Finn/Liam Finn), vocals Neil Finn

5. "Black Silk Ribbon" (KT Tunstall/Bic Runga), vocals KT Tunstall and Bic Runga

6. "Girl, Make Your Own Mind Up" (Don McGlashan), vocals Don McGlashan, featuring Glenn Kotche, Ed O'Brien & Jeff Tweedy

7. "Run In The Dust" (Johnny Marr), vocals Johnny Marr

8. "Red Wine Bottle" (Liam Finn/Chris Garland/Johnny Marr), vocals Liam Finn

9. "The Ties That Bind Us" (Phil Selway), vocals Phil Selway

10. "Reptile" (Lisa Germano), vocals Lisa Germano, featuring featuring Glenn Kotche & Neil Finn

11. "Bodhisattva Blues" (Ed O'Brien/Liam Finn), vocals Ed O'Brien and Neil Finn

12. "What Could Have Been" (Jeff Tweedy), vocals Jeff Tweedy

Disc Two:

1. "All Comedians Suffer" (Neil Finn), vocals Neil Finn

2. "Duxton Blues" (Glenn Richards), vocals Glenn Richards featuring Johnny Marr & Neil Finn

3. "Hazel Black" (KT Tunstall/Neil Finn), vocals KT Tunstall

4. "Riding The Wave" (Tim Finn), vocals Neil Finn

5. "The Witching Hour" (Phil Selway), vocals Phil Selway

6. "Over And Done" (John Stirratt), vocals John Stirrat featuring Glenn Kotche

7. "Change Of Heart" (Bic Runga/Dan Wilson), vocals Bic Runga featuring Glenn Kotche & Neil Finn

8. "Don't Forget Me" (Pat Sansone), vocals Pat Sansone, featuring Glenn Kotche & Johnny Marr

9. "Long Time Gone" (Don McGlashan), vocals Don McGlashan featuring Johnny Marr, Phil Selway & Ed O'Brien

10. "The Cobbler" (Elroy Finn), vocals Elroy Finn

11. "3 Worlds Collide" (Glenn Kotche/Phil Selway/Neil Baldock), drums & percussion Glenn Kotche & Phil Selway

12. "The Water" (Sebastian Steinberg), vocals Sebastian Steinberg featuring Neil Finn, Glenn Kotche & Johnny Marr


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