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Anyone in Toronto want free Kid Rock tickets for Friday night?


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I wish I could go!!

I have unintentionally seen Kid Rock twice.

The first time I was riding my long board along Queen when he was rocking the fuck out of Much Music and all those on the street.

The second time was when he went on stage with Phish.

I must say, I had a wicked fun time on both occasions and I would go see a full show in a heartbeat!

Alas, I'm going to the cottage for some much needed family time this weekend. I fully recommend that anyone without plans for Friday go check out the concert. Especially for free! Spend the money you would have spent on the ticket on beer and you are bound to have fun.

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I'd go if lived there' date=' he puts on a great show! [/quote']

Correct answer.

One of only ways you wouldnt enjoy it is if you are some stupid stoned-out poseur hippie with your nose in the air thinking Phish are the only band capable of putting on a good show.

or if you just don't like Kid Rock's music....but your theory is sound too.

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