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Beatles Week!!!!


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Hey all... just wanted to remind everyone that it is Beatles week up in this bitch.

Coming out on wednesday will be

The Beatles Stereo 2009 Remasters

The Beatles Mono 2009 Remasters

The Beatles: Rock Band

I am exciting to love the fuck out of all of these releases... but I'm assuming that some of you (like myself) may not have 250 bucks to drop on the box set... let alone almost 500 to grab both the stereo and the mono mix's....

SOOOO if you are really really desperate to hear the new mix's a little birdie told me that you can already find them online if you check certain trackers... what? demonoid... etc...

PM if you have questions

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The Mono Mixes may be hard to find. I heard that they grossly underestimated the demand for them. Oh well.

If you decide to get them "other ways" then be sure that they are the true MONO mixes. I read that some of the available ones out there are simply mono mixes of the stereo reissue (dumb ... i know)

Loving what little i've heard of the stereo releases so far. I want to sit down and spend some time with the headphones on for a true experience .

I'll be hitting the game store on my first coffee break on Wednesday for sure :) I officially join the band that night :D

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Got the White Album blaring right now.

Dear Prudence ... WOW!!!! The clarity is incredible for every little detail.

Being raised on this catalogue this is one helluva treat to hear this. I think I've been "Beatle-Born-Again'd"

My daughter is spinning and dancing to Obladioblada now. Now she wants me to dance with her. I LOVE THIS>


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haha! iPod nation start crying :P


Despite date, Beatles not coming to iTunes Wednesday - report

By Slash Lane

Published: 12:40 PM EST

While the Sept. 9 date marks major events for both The Beatles and Apple, the timing is just a coincidence and does not foreshadow any announcements set for Wednesday, a new report claims.

Peter Kafka with MediaMemo cited "a source familiar with the band's plans" in a story Tuesday, in which he debunks the ongoing rumors that the world's most famous rock band would see its catalog debut on Apple's iTunes Music Store.

"If you're trying to convince people to spend $16.99 for a remastered copy of the White Album," Kafka asked, "or as much as $250 to play along with the band's ghostly avatars, why offer a competing product from Apple at the same time? Nor do I see Steve Jobs expressing much interest in coordinating his marketing announcements with the likes of Viacom."

The entire back catalog of The Beatles is being re-released Wednesday, on compact disc, in a new remastered format. The 9.9.09 date, echoing the song "Revolution 9," also brings the release of the video game, The Beatles: Rock Band.

Sept. 9 is also the date Apple will unveil its new iPod lineup -- a date that is purely a coincidence, if Kafka's sources are correct. Rumors of the band's songs appearing on iTunes have existed for years. Apple and the parent company of The Beatles, Apple Corps, were engaged in a lengthy and bitter trademark dispute for decades, but that issue was resolved in 2007.

Even though those issues were patched up years ago, the legendary band has been reluctant to allow its recordings to be made available in a digital format. Users of The Beatles video game, though, will be able to purchase and download additional songs to play in the game, which only further fueled speculation.

When Apple sent out invitations to its event, they included a reference to a lyric from a different legendary rock band, The Rolling Stones. The invitation read "It's only rock and roll, but we like it," leading some to assume Apple was hinting that the iPod-centric event would focus on music, not Macs or the long-rumored tablet.

If The Beatles' songs do not appear on iTunes Wednesday, it's most likely the Sept. 9 date was chosen because Monday, Sept. 7, was Labor Day, a U.S. holiday. Holding the event on Wednesday, rather than Tuesday (as is often done), allows those attending the San Francisco keynote more time to travel after the holiday.

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hmm....I seem to have the collection in my iTunes library.

apparantly Yoko announced the music on iTunes by mistake. The news was revoked immediately, and EMI heads denied everything.

EMI global catalogue boss Ernesto Schmitt saying: "Conversations between Apple and EMI are ongoing and we look forward to the day when we can make the music available digitally. But it's not tomorrow."
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The Mono Mixes may be hard to find. I heard that they grossly underestimated the demand for them.

The Mono Boxset is NOT a limited edition like some people and websites are saying. Capitol has stated on record that they will be producing the Mono boxset until ALL the demand is filled.

It probably won't be in production anymore in 6-12 months but they will get it out to everyone that wants it before then.

Just for the record I recieved my Stereo version and just ordered the mono one.

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In early highschool I had old mono mixes on LP and the stereo version of a couple albums. Beatles for sale, for example. I had a hard time picking out certain guitar parts and then when I had a stereo version, I could pan the record to the left and remove the vocals! I thought that was great. I was able to learn the guitar parts much easier as a newbie.

However, now as a listening experience, it is pretty strange how the tracks are so blatantly separated.

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