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NFL Pro Line Thread

Northern Wish

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Hell I thought this was worth a shot.....

Any NFL Pro Line players out there? If so lets use this thread for discussing picks for the week. We all have a great understanding of the league and maybe if we put our heads together a bit we see some nice winnings week in and week out.

The lines for this week will be out on Thursday am, lets do some chatting then!


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Multiplier is the # that the odds give you to multiply your bet value.


Favorite @ 1.4 x Tie @ 2.8 x Longshot at 4.5 x $4 bet = $70.56 payout.

Whats the most anyone on here has ever won on one ticket? I hit a $340 last year, but back in 2002 I hit a $980 4 tie and one long shot ticket.

Also the Pro Line Pools is worth throwing a $5 or $10 at. All entries from across Ontario see the top dawg take the pool money. Some weeks its over $100,000 if there are a couple of upsets. I hit 14 of 15 mid year last year, when the Browns upset the Giants. The winner that week got a cool $340,000. By boxing out one game it costs you $5 more but the game you select to box out doesn't count to your total (you automatically get that one right).

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