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Sloan/Murderecords tribute


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Here's some more info in case anyone is interested. I'm not too up on my Halifax scene lore, but apparently of note is that "Bells On" was actually written about Laura Borealis.

Here is the tracklisting for Take It In: A Tribute to Sloan. There may be some tweaking, but this is basically what it is going to look like. The release date looks to be November 17, it will only be available for digital download, but I will be making a small number of physical copies for pre-release. Additionally, there is a bonus disc of Murderecords Tribute Songs that will be free to the first 50 purchases of the CD.

The double disc CD will be $25, and only available by ordering through me. You can send payment through paypal to gooseberryrecords at hotmail dot com

They will be shipped out late October.

Disc 1

The Guthries- Coax Me

Creepy Finger- Take It In

M. Murphy, S. Millman, R. Mendoza- Anyone Who's Anyone

Lonnie James- The Good In Everyone

Kestrels- I Am The Cancer

Jon McKiel- She Says What She Means

The Sorrys- Sensory Deprivation

thomas/richard- Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay

Al Tuck- Marquee & the Moon

Fuck Montreal- People of the Sky

Don Brownrigg- Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore

Hospital Grade- 500 Up

Daniel Ledwell- Money City Maniacs

Adam Mowery Organization- Penpals

Paper Lions- Everything You've Done Wrong

The Acorn & Catriona Sturton- Snowsuit Sound

Doug Mason- Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Foam Lake- Underwhelmed

The Memories Attack- I'm Not Through With You Yet

Chief Thundercloud- Chester The Molester

Disc 2

Glory Glory Man United- I Hate My Generation

The Light Brights- The Rest of My Life

Cold Dead Hands- Never Seeing The Ground For The Sky

The Randals- Witches Wand

Mary Stewart & the Ocelots- People of the Sky

The Oracle of Impending Doom- Worried Now

Penny Blacks- Deeper Than Beauty

Empire Lights- Marquee & the Moon

Octoberman- Sugartune

Milks & Rectangles- Lemonzinger

Laura Borealis- Bells On

Weimaraner- Underwhelmed

Travis Kokas- Who You Talkin' To?

Ultimate Power Duo- Living With The Masses

Chenemies- G Turns To D

Fat Stupids- Emergency 911

Slow Motion Drunks- What's There To Decide?

Wrote Off- Iggy & Angus

Visitation- Torn

Stereo Molehill- Guidance Councillor

Murderecords Tribute

The Woods- The Pick Up (Elevator Through)

Laura Borealis- (Sally Ann's) Style Denial (Local Rabbits)

Benn Ross- Face Down On The Page (Al Tuck)

Play Guitar- Jesus Loves Me (Jale)

Tireless Sedans- Nightingale (Local Rabbits)

LM- Wink (Elevator Through)

Roderick- Silver Suit (Hardship Post)

Travis Kokas- 61 Days (Local Rabbits)

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