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Crowes at Rama


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last time the ABB played there, tickets were being handed out by casino staff near the theatre entrance.

they asked anyone walking by if they wanted to see the show and if they said yes, they handed them tickets. guess they want the place as full as possible (although you'd think they'd rather have them on the casino floor)

my friends got free tix for night 2 by simply signing up for a players card.

does anyone know if they do this reguraly when shows aren't close to being sold out?

Also, are there any other smoking sections besides under the stage?

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Good Morning Captain

And The Band Played On

Hotel Illness

Soul Singing

So Many Times

Garden Gate

Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos

Ozone Mama

I Ain't Hiding


Shine Along

Wiser Time

- encore -

She Talks To Angels



Make Glad

Kept My Soul

She Gave Good Sunflower

Another Roadside Tragedy

Houston Don't Dream About Me


Roll Old Jeremiah -> Jam ->

Good Friday

I Ain't Hiding


And The Band Played On

A Conspiracy

Sometimes Salvation

Twice As Hard

Wounded Bird

Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)

- encore -

Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

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