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September 11th

Kanada Kev

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I've been thinking about 9/11/01 all day. Trying to strike up conversations with other students about it. (I'm in school again.) It seems people ten years younger than I just weren't as affected by it all.

What was everyone up to when they first heard the news? I remember being on a ten minute break between classes. I went next door to the computer lab to check out a mainly NYC-based phishy message board I frequented back then. Read something that someone posted about 'bombs going on off... city under attack.. not sure what is going on..' I went back to class stunned. I to a few classmates what I had just read.. wasn't sure what to make of it all. After class, an hour and quarter later, the school was just buzzing with the news. The rest of the day of school was cancelled. I went to a friend's place and watched about fifty times the towers get ran into by planes. Finally went golfing. The course was totally empty.

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I remember how difficult it was to get information in real time. We were at work struggling to get news feeds. Imagine how that event would unfold online today. I remember exchanging emails with my client in Kentucky in the morning and he was saying how it's probably "that fuckin' Bin Laden dude". I had never heard of Bin Laden, as I'm sure millions and millions of others hadn't either until that day.

With the proliferation of social media, this article points out some likely online scenarios.

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