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Im going home Donny

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they played last night with jason collett at the junction arts festival, they were good, but you could tell they didn't practice much with him.... lots of laughing on stage....

They actually are his backing band, and have been for a good while. Zeus is what they do when they're not with Collett.

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ya, ya, ya..not that much interesting going on with them...other than the small, itsy-bitsy, inconsequential fact that they FUCKING ROCK! AND that they are out there right NOW giving it their best shot! Kinda interesting I think. :content:


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And I have a heartattack almost every day when Jason picks the kids up from daycare at the YMCA.

I thought he was stalking me a year and a half ago when it was Spring and I was living in Toronto:

I am playing frisbee at Christie Pits, there he is getting in the way of the disc.

I am working the counter at Linuxcaffe, there he is getting me to make him a sandwich.

I go to see a band at the Dakota, there he is standing around.

I pop into Alternative Grounds in Roncesvalles for a cup of joe, there he is sitting around.


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No connection with Paso Mino at all, same concept on Collett's part - he likes the pre-formed band very much in a Hawks/Band sort of way. YMCA.

hmmm. Just looked up their bio, it kind of disagrees.

Mike and Carlin have spread their music to the world in other creative band efforts as well. Trading under the names the 6ixty 8ights, Paso Mino and merging with friend strengths, the Golden Dogs and Major Grange, Zeus now bears the accumulated fruits of these experiences, but with something magical added.
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A little history of the band, as I know them all pretty good.

A few years ago, paso mino approached Jason, having already learned his whole record, proposing to be his backing band. They did that for a while, and then after a tour with Feist, lost guitarist Afie J to Feist. Then keyboardist/guitarist Mike O'Brien moved to guitar, Gregory MacDonald of Sloan joined on keys, and Mike Clive left the bass position, to be replaced by Jer little.

When Collett's stuff slowed down, Mike Obrien started Zeus , with 6itxy8ights Carlin Nicholson, and taylor knox and dave azzolini of the golden dogs. Their first gig was actually opening for an Elkas gig at the rivoli.

But the golden dogs called, and dave and taylor were replaced by neil quinn (formerly of the golden dogs and major grange) and robbie drake (of paso mino and collet's band).

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