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Jackfruit Toronto/Guelph/Fergus this week!


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Go see these guys!!!

Wed. September 16 - The Supermarket - Toronto, ON

Thurs. September 17 - Ebar w/ The Speakeasies - Guelph, ON

Fri. September 18 - The Goofie Newfie w/ The Speakeasies - Fergus, ON


Deep in the nether regions of limbic systems worldwide, a pulse was detected emanating from the fluids of the inner-ear. The transmission describes an unconventional mixture of prevailing, dramatic basslines; dexterous, poetic keyboard melodies; rhythmic, laser-guided drumbeats; and triumphant, cascading vocals. As neurons scramble to uncover the source, they land upon Jackfruit: the brain’s long-awaited cochlear love-mate has arrived. After spending some time at their dojo in space—Fader Master Studios—with sound sensei Shawn Cole (aka Dr.Boss), the Vancouver-based quartet returns summa cum lauda to release their second masterpiece: Conversations with Robots. Featuring Chris Berry on vocals, Stephane Fortin on Bass, Ian Lamont on Keyboards and Sean Scallion on drums, it’s once again all-systems go. Extremities beware: it’s gonna be a primal homecoming. Head bobbing. Arms waving. Legs kicking. Bang! With their unique musical montage, Jackfruit creates an addictive anatomic explosion of such exponential proportions that no limb will remain unmoved. Jackfruit: the fecund seeds for you botanical sound-gardening pleasure since 2005. Just add space.


New CD is awesome....one of the few "jambands"(?) whose lyrics don't make me want to shear my ears off. Popular vote seems to go to AK47 as favourite track...I like Slimmy and Hag.

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