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PVR issues


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I have not had any problems with a Rogers PVR not recording a show.

Since I haven't had any problems, I don't know what the issue might be if there was an issue causing a Rogers PVR not recording a show.

If I had a Rogers PVR that I used to record shows and it didn't record a show like it was supposed to, I might be able to offer some insight into what the issue might be that would cause a Rogers PVR to not record a show; however, since I don't have a Rogers PVR, I don't have any insight to offer you.

You're welcome.

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As Dinghy was fapping the other night, his phone rang. He looked at the display and realized it was his wife so he paused his right hand.

Dinghy: Hello?

SC: Hey babe! Can you record The Jerry Springer show for me? I totally spaced on it because that is what I do.

Dinghy: Sure. Anything else?

SC: No babe. Loooooooove you. I gotta run and get back to doing what my people do.

Dinghy: See ya.

::Dinghy gets back to fapping and forgets to tape the show::

This is quite the elaborate scheme you are rolling with here buddy but we're onto you.

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